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Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Hiway Theater

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Sacrum Vindictae: is a story about love, loyalty, deceit, betrayal, revenge, and overcoming the odds all wrapped-up in an action-packed thriller feature film. This is the latest concept from Fabian Farina, and Four Olives Productions, that doesn’t follow the typical Hollywood cookie-cutter format for films in this genre. With twists and turns throughout the film, you will be on the edge of your seat until you reach an ending that you never see coming.
The story centers around Nathaniel Nucci, who leaves the military when his wife becomes pregnant hoping to lead a "normal" life. All is well for 13 years until his wife and child are part of collateral damage on a botched Mafia hit. Blinded by rage, Nathaniel infiltrates the Mafia organization responsible for the murder of his family. He ultimately becomes a contract killer for the head of one of Philadelphia’s largest Mafia families, while keeping his identity hidden.
Sacrum Vindictae "sacred revenge" was a term Nathaniel, and his squad, used in the military when one of their own would fall. They would stop at nothing to seek vengeance, and neither will he.
This story was born from a short-film concept originally written to showcase a somewhat different side of a “hitman”. Getting inside the head of an assumed “cold blooded killer” to provide the audience with a glimpse of the human side that motivates one to do things that may otherwise seem to be outside of their nature.
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